New Frontier Bison is a young company with a combined livestock experience of 50 years. In addition to our knowledge in raising this magnificent animal, we also have a combined experience of 50 years in customer service in the restaurant and retail arena.

Our goal at New Frontier is to supply the highest quality Certified Bison available anywhere. We have developed a working relationship with great producers of Certified Bison that will provide a consistent product time after time.

In addition to New Frontier Bison having the Certified status, our product is 100% ALL NATURAL.  NO HORMONES or STEROIDS are ever administered. Also, to keep our product(s) consistent, these animals are grain-fed 120 days prior to processing. This ensures a tender, and flavorful, center of the plate entrée.  One of the best attributes New Frontier Bison provides is a product with less than 2 grams of fat per 4 oz. serving.

Incorporate New Frontier Bison into your next menu or dining experience.  What a wonderful way to impress a group or customer.

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  1. Tony Perrone says:

    We spent some time, on two occasions, at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate. We ate exclusively on premises at the main dining room of the Inn. As a long time hunter of wild game I was anxious to try the world-renown chef’s version of American Bison filet the first night. It was magnificent. The second night I tried bison tartare. Exceptional! The third night he was serving a Bison Carpaccio – I was in American Bison heaven.

    So it was with much anticipation that my wife and I took advantage of our local Food City’s offering of New Frontier Bison burgers. In less than a month we’ve gone through four packages and we are totally spoiled for any other burger of any fashion!

    I make two patties from the one pound package. I mix in chopped red onion, olive oil, course ground black pepper, garlic powder and sea salt and add a dash cumin and a sprinkle of oregano. I let them sit overnight in the frig. On my Infra-Red grille, I grille the patties over Jack Daniel’s wood chips while also grilling two thick slices of red onion, covered on one side, with Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet & Spicy sauce.

    I turn the burgers over once and, when ready, add a slice of mozzarella cheese, cheddar for my wife. I then turn the onions over, sauce-side down, and onto the cheese, atop the bison burgers, and grille until done.

    I’m 71, but here’s where I have to borrow a phrase from the kids of today – O M G !! We have NOT experienced a burger anywhere near as good as New Frontier Bison burgers!

    • Beverly says:

      Mr. Perrone,

      Thank you so much for your praise of NFB burger. Food City will occasionally have our 8 oz. ribeye steaks in a few of their stores, if you are interested in trying another product than the burger.

      We would like to ask permission to feature your burger recipe on our website. Upon your approval, we will add it to our page. We welcome any other recipes you would like to share.

      Thank you, and we hope you continue to enjoy our burger.


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