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Bison Cut  Namp No. Avg. Wt. Whole  Portion Control
Peeled Tenderloin 189A  5-6 LB. $ 40.00 LB. $ 52.00 LB.  6-8 oz.
Striploin 180 7-9 LB. $ 24.00 LB. $ 31.50 LB.  6-16 oz.
Ribeye, Boneless 112A 9-11 LB. $ 24.50 LB.   $ 31.75 LB.  6-16 oz.
Bone-in Rib   109 12-14 LB.  $ 20.00 LB.   $ 28.00 LB.  12-22 oz.
Shortloin 15-20 LB. $ 30.00 LB. 
Top Sirloin Butt 184 7-9 LB. $  13.50 LB. $ 18.90 LB.  6-16 oz.
Inside/Top Round 168 15-18 LB. $  11.00 LB. $ 17.10 LB.   8-22 oz.
Flank Steak   193 2-3 LB. $  15.00 LB.
Skirt Steaks 121C/121D 2-3 LB. $   13.50 LB.
Eye Round 171C   4-6 LB. $  11.25 LB. $  15.75 LB.
Steamship Round 55-60 LB. $  13.85 LB.
Sirloin Tip (Knuckle) 167A 8-11 LB.  $  13.00 LB. $ 17.55 LB.
Bottom Round 170A  10-12 LB.     $  13.00 LB. $ 17.55 LB.
Stew Meat 5 LB. Bags  $  11.00 LB.
Shoulder Clod 114D 16-20 LB. $   9.50 LB.
Short Ribs 123 1-2 LB. $  10.50 LB.
Short Ribs  Whole Rack   7-9 LB.   $  10.50 LB.
Back Ribs 124    7-9 LB. $   7.85 LB
Boneless Chuck Roll 115 20-25 LB. $  11.00 LB.
Ground Bison (90/10)   5 LB. Pack  $  10.40 LB.
Ground Bison Retail  1 LB. Pkg. $  10.40 LB.
4:1 Patties (90/10) 12/ Case  $  10.75 LB.
3:1 Patties (90/10)  12/ Case $  10.75 LB.
2:1 Patties (90/10) 12/ Case   $  10.75 LB.
Brisket    120 4-6 LB. $  12.50 LB.
Tri Tip  185C  2-3 LB. $  13.00 LB.
Hanging Tenderloin 1-2 LB.  $  12.00 LB.
Osso Bucco  16 Oz. $  10.50 LB.
Bison Hot Dogs 1 lB. Pkg. $  10.75 LB.
Bison Glaze 1 LB. Pkg. $ 19.50 LB.
Frozen Trim (65%) 25 LB. 2/case $  9.50 LB.
Frozen Trim (90%) 25 LB. 2/case $   9.95 LB.
Oxtail 1-2 LB. $   6.25 LB.
Heart 4-6 LB. $   5.35 LB.
Liver 11-14 LB. $   4.75 LB.
Testicles 8-12 oz. $   6.75 LB.
Ground Dog Food (heart, liver, trim) 1 LB. Pkg $   7.00 LB.


Prices are F.O.B. Oak ParkVAPrices are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.All Products are Processed under USDA inspection.

14 Responses to Products

  1. phillip l hammond says:

    I would like to buy some ground bison . thanks

    • Beverly says:

      I apologize in taking so long to respond to your inquiry. I am just beginning to “get the hang” of our website. If you are still interested, please feel free to call us at 540-948-7103 or toll free at 866-66-BISON (866-662-4766). I have just updated pricing, and it is NOW current.

      Thank you for your interest in New Frontier Bison.

      Beverly Salmon

  2. diana brasfield says:

    We are interested in buying meats from you directly rather than Kroger. Is that possible as we do live in the SHenandoah valley?

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Diana.

      You certainly may purchase products directly from us. We might now always have products in stock, so it is best to always call prior to visiting. We have several customers from the Shenandoah valley that have visited several times to purchase our products. We can also ship directly to you which would ship UPS ground and be received the following day. There is a surcharge for residential deliveries.

      Thank you for your interest in New Frontier Bison!

      Beverly Salmon

  3. Andrea says:

    I was wondering if your bison is grass-fed or grain-fed… thanks!

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Andrea.

      The bison is both grass and grain fed. They are left on pasture but have grain available in mobile feed bunkers for 120 days prior to harvesting. They are not penned and are free ranged. Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. Nancy Sisk says:

    My local Food City has recently stopped carrying your products, and since we started buying it I do not buy ANY ground beef at all. Can you tell me if there are any other retailers in my area that sell your products. I live in the 24637 zip code – Pounding Mill, VA. Not really interested in paying shipping costs if I can avoid that. Thanks and look forward to hearing form you!

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Nancy.

      I am just going through my “spam” mail, and found this. I apologize for the tardy response. If you request the product with the meat manager, he/she should be able to get the product for you. Our product is also retailed in Kroger stores. Agreed, if you were to purchase directly from us, your shipping would eat up any savings on the product. Thank you for your support of New Frontier Bison!

  5. liesia cooper says:

    i currently buy your bison meat in chargers in abingdon va for my dog and would like to purchase your dog food formula for cost and extra nutrients he has severe allergies how much would shipping be for 10 lbs or can i have it delivered to chargers in abingdon va 24211 thank you we also use to raise bison and father in law raised beefalo very very tasty in tazewell va

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Liesia.

      Our dog food consists of heart, liver, kidney, whole muscle meat. It is ground and packaged in 1 1/2 – 2 lb. packages. We freeze it. Shipping would be approximately $20 with the packaging material and freight cost. If you’re interested, please give us a call toll free at 866-66-BISON (866-662-4766). Look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

      • liesia cooper says:

        can you give me the nutrition on your dogwood also do you grind the bone for calcium
        is it approved by the fda or whatever it is

        thanks liesia

        • Beverly says:

          We do not have the nutrition information on our dog food. We use different muscle meat with each new grind. We do not grind bone, but have split femur bones available (with marrow) that are a big hit with our dog owners! Bison is a voluntary inspection product unlike beef, pork, chicken, and turkey products. Hope this answers your questions.

  6. Tabitha Pack says:

    I have been purchasing your ground bison burger from Kroger in Oak Hill, WV for a good 3 or 4 yrs now, and in the past few months your products have not been restocked. This is the only place I know of in my area that WAS carrying your products. I have noticed they are carrying ground bison burger in their “Simply” brand, but it is not the same quality or even taste as New Frontier. Will your products no longer be able at this Kroger location? If so where can I purchase your products near me?

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Tabitha.

      Unfortunately, Kroger has decided to go with its own brand. We have had quite a few consumers that have contacted us about the quality of the new bison products. We do sell to individuals, but with shipping costs, it does increase the overall cost per pound of the product. I know parts of WV are overnight ground shipping via UPS. If this is something that would interest you, please give us a call. We would be happy to price out the product including shipping costs.

      We have told our loyal patrons to complain to Kroger in hopes of getting our products back in their stores. So far, it has not been successful.

      Our products are in Food City, but I believe they are in Virginia and Tennessee. I do not believe they are in West Virginia.

      Thank you for being a loyal patron of New Frontier Bison.

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