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Toll Free:  1-866-66-BISON (1-866-662-4766)

Local:  1-540-948-7103

FAX:  1-540-948-4030


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  1. Sara Ryder says:

    I spoke to someone about determining the total cost to ship a case (12 packages) of bison burger to our location. 1094 Highway 44, Bristol Tn 37620. We are about 12 miles from Abingdon Va …. right on the Va/Tn line. We find it hard to get this product so we wanted to see if shipping would be cost effective for us. Thanks.

    phone 423-573-4940

    • Beverly says:


      I researched UPS, and it looks as though ground will reach you the next day. With freight and shipping supplies, it looks as though it will be between $17 – $20 to ship. Please let me know if you wish to complete this order.

      Thank you for your inquiry, and we are really pleased that you like the product so much!


  2. alice pye says:

    Hi, We just bought a lb of you bison burger (from Food City) and was wondering were are you located? What town and city? Thanks, Alice Pye

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Alice.

      We are located in Madison, VA (central VA) – approximately 3 – 3 1/2 hours from Abingdon. If we are able to answer any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

  3. Ken Samuels says:

    I buy your Bison & Beef at Yoders Market in Madison, Va. Your products are great and “all natural” though I wish you would not finish out your beef and Bison with grain. Most grains I know of (unless yours are different) are GMO grains, especially corn..and are not good for animals or man. With grass and hay I don’t see the need for grain as you get a healthier fat in your meat without grain. All grain is doing is adding weight(profit) at the cost of others health.

    • Beverly says:

      Hello, Ken.

      Over our 20 years that we have been in the bison business, grass fed animals take a much longer time to finish than grain fed. Also, the fine dining restaurants that we service prefer the grain fed as it lends itself to a more palatable product.

  4. Jean Cavender says:

    My husband and I are HOOKED on your bison! It has such a fresh, delicious flavor, and we much prefer it to beef. Up until recently we were able to buy it at Food City in Knoxville, Tn. However, it has not been available the last few times we have looked for it. If Food City is no longer carrying your product, can you tell me where else we might find it in the Knoxville area? Thank you!

    • Beverly says:

      Hi, Jean.

      Food City DOES still carry the product. I would advise you to contact the meat manager if the product is unavailable when you shop. Your comment went into spam mail, and I am just seeing this. I apologize for the delay in a response. Thank you for your support of New Frontier Bison!

  5. Nita says:

    Good evening, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I wanted to know if you have an on-site store? Do you have tours of your grounds, and if so, is there a cost? Thanking you in advance.

    • Beverly says:


      Happy New Year to you also! We do not have an on-site store; however, we do sell to individuals. We are primarily a wholesale dealer. We do not do tours of our grounds. We do also ship to individuals via UPS.

      If we can help you, please let us know.

      Thank you,

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